2021 Financial Plan

Council presented its Financial Plan for the fiscal year 2021 at a Public Hearing held on Tuesday, May 4.

If you wish to watch a recording of the hearing, you will be able to view it on our youtube.

Any person who has questions, needs clarification or requires further information following the hearing is encouraged to contact Shannon Plischke, Finance Officer at 204-482-3300.

Copies of the 2021 Financial Plan will be available for review after April 27, 2021 at the Municipal Office located at 1043 Kittson Road, East Selkirk or below.

Download the 2021 Financial Plan Presentation Slides

Download the 2021 Financial Plan Overview – this is a *new* document that was created for this years financial plan to help break down important aspects of the financial plan at a quick glance and offer a further explanation on key parts using text, charts and other graphics

Download the 2021 Financial Plan - Updated – changes to Capital Funding (page 13)

Download the 2021 Financial Plan