About Protective Services

The RM of St. Clements employs a full-time Protective Services Manager to coordinate emergency services and by-law enforcement.

Fire Protection and Emergency ServicesRM of St. Clements Fire Truck

The RM of St. Clements has three fire departments:

East Selkirk Fire Department serving the East Selkirk area

East Beaches Fire Department serving the beaches area near Lake Winnipeg

Narol Fire Department

Narol Fire Hall has 25 volunteer firefighters and is located at 5121 Henderson Highway. Narol Fire Hall serves southern St. Clements and other areas when extra help is required. They generally receive between 90 to 100 service calls per year on average.

In 1985, it the third fire department to be established in the RM of St. Clements.  There is a complement of 25 firefighters authorized for that department. When there is a vacancy, Council must approve the filling of vacant positions and a bulletin will be placed in local media, on the RM web page and information boards

The firefighters are paid on call – in other words when they are responding, training, meeting or maintaining equipment etc., they are paid for the work. Generally referred to a volunteers as they generally have work commitments outside of the Fire Department.

The budget of the Narol Fire Department is approximately $200,000 per year.

By-Law Enforcement

The R.M. of St. Clements contracts Prairie By-Law Enforcement Services for animal control services and by-law enforcement.

By-law enforcement vehiclePrairie By-Law Enforcement Services provide uniformed personnel carrying appropriate identification with them at all times. Prairie By-Law Officers use clearly identified vehicles complete with appropriate emergency lighting and are available:

  • For by-law enforcement weekdays and limited shifts throughout the summer on weekends
  • For animal control 24 hours per day, seven days a week

To view the RM of St. Clements By-laws, go to our “Documents” web page, scroll down to “Documents and Files” and double-click the “By-laws” icon.

Contact Information

To contact Prairie By-Law Enforcement directly regarding by-law infractions or animal control please the Prairie By-Law Dispatch at 1-204-944-2914

For Police, Fire and Ambulance Emergencies please dial 911

For non-emergency issues please contact the RM of St. Clements Municipal Office at (204) 482-3300

Citizens on Patrol Program

Citizens on Patrol is a grassroots, crime prevention program where volunteers work in cooperation with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to reduce crime and improve safety in the community through deterrence and education.

Background of St. Clements COPP program

  • Established in south St. Clements in March 2004.Citizens on Patrol Program
  • The program has since expanded north to Highway 4 and a group is now active in Gull Lake.
  • Interested in having the COPP program in your area? Let us know!


  • COPP road signage is in the areas we patrol.
  • Our members go on regular patrols and are trained to observe and report any suspicious activity or safety concerns.


  • We bring displays and have members available to answer questions at public events like the RM Open House and Fire Hall Open House.


  • Patrols are done in teams of two or more persons.
  • Members wear a reflective vest and patrol cars are identified with COPP signs.
  • Members are trained in observation skills through the provincial COPP program which is coordinated with Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI).
  • Patrol teams carry cell phones
  • The RCMP are notified at the beginning and end of each patrol.
  • During the patrol anything that is suspicious or any emergency that is observed is reported to the RCMP. Members do not get involved directly in any confrontation.
  • During a patrol, members also have the opportunity to talk with residents in their patrol area and learn of any concerns.
  • All safety issues such as missing road signage is reported to the RM, who responds and has the situation corrected.
  • Patrols last from two to three hours and are done at various times during the day or night.

Speed Watch

  • An electronic speed monitor issued by MPI is set up by the side of the road or highway to show the speed each vehicle is travelling so it is visible to the driver.
  • Our members record the speed of vehicles and this information is shared with the RCMP and MPI.
  • The purpose of the Speed Watch program is to educate drivers about the speeds they are travelling and encourage everyone to travel at the posted speeds.
  • We want to encourage safe driving in our community.
  • We do Speed Watches from spring through to the fall.

RCMP Liason

  • Each COPP group in the province has an RCMP or police liaison officer who assists them with information and advice regarding our activities.
  • The liaison officer attends our meetings and also helps with training in observation skills.


If you are a residents of St. Clements, 18 years of age or older, and would like to consider volunteering for the RM of St. Clements COPP program, please contact the municipal office at 204-482-3300.