All things Financial Plan

Financial Plan Open House

On the evening of April 26 we held our Financial Plan Open House here at the RM of St. Clements Office. This open house was held to offer a session before the Financial Plan Public Hearing to present our plans and answer questions from our residents. This was offered to all of our residents with the option to attend in person or virtually.

Mayor Debbie Fiebelkorn and Councillors Sandra Strang, Dave Sutherland, David Horbas, Glen Basarowich and Scott Spicer were all present in person as well as our Chief Administrative Office, Deepak Joshi. Councillor Robert Belanger attended via ZOOM.

You can watch the recording of the ZOOM meeting here or you can view the 2022 Financial Plan Presentation Slides.

Financial Plan and Public Hearing

Click here to download a copy of our 2022 Financial Plan and to view the full Public Notice regarding the Financial Plan Public Hearing on May 3 at 7:00 pm.

Financial Plan Overview Document

In 2021 we began creating a document in hopes of helping break down the important aspects of the financial plan at a quick glance and offer a further explanation on key parts using text, charts and other graphics. We encourage our residents to take a look through the 2022 Financial Plan Overview.