Animal Control, Noise and General Enforcement By-Laws

At the May 26, 2020 Council meeting, 1st reading was given to the following By-Laws; Animal Control, Noise and General Enforcement. You can view copies of these By-Laws by viewing our agenda from the May 26th meeting here. If you have any further questions, please contact our office at 204-482-3300.

Our intent with the three By-laws are and were to move into a new direction with clarity as a top focus.

We wanted to alter/rectify the Animal Control By-law as well as the noise By-law to avoid any issues in the future with Enforcement. As times change our By-laws need to adapt as well. The changes allow us to be able to act more efficiently and swiftly if we need to. We also did a lot of research on which By-laws are working in the Province and with that we incorporated a Dangerous Animal section to the Animal Control By-law. Our Noise By-law was brought up to speed with the proper wording/definitions as well as a new procedure for enforcement.

The General Enforcement By-law is a new By-law that is very efficient and lays out the protocols and procedures. This By-law provides information in order to avoid confusion and explains what the Municipality is authorized to do when dealing with a violation.

Overall the new/modified By-laws are allowing the RM to act when required and helps with the overall enforcement.

Residents have the opportunity to send in questions/comments or speak to these By-laws at our June 9th meeting. In order to do so, please email prior to 4:30 pm on Monday, June 8th.