Ditching Underway

Not only has this warmer weather got us feeling like we are in Mexico, more importantly it’s allowed us to begin opening up the ditches in our problem areas so that the ditches are able to carry off the spring melt. We are now well underway and about a week into our ditching program.

We regularly monitor ditches in the spring, particularly the known problem areas but conditions can vary from year to year and blockages can pop up anywhere. Due to the large accumulation of snow this winter, as the snow melts we will see the ditches doing their job and redirecting water in much of the municipality. This is a good thing and seeing water in ditches is not necessarily a bad thing! Although it is our residents responsibility to protect their properties against flooding, it is our priority to assist in taking steps like ditching to protect our residents and their dwellings. Therefore if you have concerns of a drainage problem we would appreciate hearing from you so that we can assess the situation and clear it strategically as necessary, you can contact us by email at info@rmofstclements.com or by phone 204-482-3300.

The Province will continue to come out with updates their Spring Flood Outlook which we will be closely following and using as a guide. As our ditching continues, we will regularly monitor the situation around spring run off and keep you updated. You can find answers to your Overland Flooding questions here, or find updates on Flood Protection here. If you haven’t yet, sign up for our Connect program so that you can receive emergency updates to your phone via text, phone call or email.