East Selkirk on the Way to Softened Water Coming Down the Pipe

Taillieu Construction is installing a new reject water line in the East Selkirk area for the reject water from the East Selkirk Water Treatment Plant.
What is reject water? Reject water is just clean, mineral enriched water that is removed in the process of softening water. The reject line being installed carries this reject water out of the Treatment Plant to be discharged.

Earlier in October, we announced that upgrades were being made to the Treatment Plant, including installation of a membrane softening system so that residents will no longer need the use of in-home softening systems, with added benefits of reducing salts in the wastewater system, reducing scaling on resident’s home fixtures and appliances and improving the taste of the water.
So where does this line go? If you live in the area, you have may have spotted works being done. The reject water is removed at the East Selkirk Treatment Plant in a pipe system that follows Strathcona Rd west to Quarry Rd, then south down Quarry Rd to Church Rd. The reject line continues by following Church Rd west to Old Henderson Hwy where it goes south to Cooks Creek and then discharged.
The reject water line is nearing completion and once the installation of the softening system at the Treatment Plant is complete, residents part of the East Selkirk Water System will be able to enjoy the benefits of softened water in their homes.