In Case You Missed It – ZOOM Info Sessions

On Wednesday, May 25 we held two information sessions, one at 2:00 pm and the other at 6:00 pm to provide more details on the possibility of the option to add the amount owing to taxes as an LID. This was offered to both in person attendees as well as virtually on ZOOM.

A reminder that the deadline to participate is May 31, 2022 and is quickly approaching!

If you wish to watch back the information sessions that went into detail on the LID option, click below to view the presentation and a questions and answer portion.

You can view the presentation slides from the Information Session here.

2:00 PM Information Session ZOOM Recording

Password: 4!y&zpS8

6:00 PM Information Session ZOOM Recording

Password: 4uJ5W*D=

For more information on the Sewer Connection Presale for the Henderson Catchment Area including FAQs click here.