Interlake February Fishing Frenzy Ice Fishing Tournament

Registration is now open for the Interlake February Fishing Frenzy Ice Fishing Tournament! This is a month-long online Ice Fishing Tournament run through Angler’s Atlas website and their mobile app MyCatch. The tournament will take place for the month of February (February 1 to 28, 2022), inviting all local, provincial, national and international anglers to get out on the ice with family, friends and anglers alike to experience Ice Fishing in the Interlake. It’s no secret that more and more people are gearing up and hitting the ice.

Which Manitoba town will be crowned the Ice Fishing Capital? 13 Interlake Towns are already signed up, including St. Clements. We are looking forward to having all the new hard-water enthusiasts out there during the month of February 2022! $40.00 Registration Fee for the ENTIRE month, click here to register! An estimated $16,000 in prizes with more still to come!

Download the MyCatch by Angler’s Atlas app on the Apple Store or on Google Play.

Getting Started

  1. The 2022 Interlake February Fishing Frenzy Fishing Tournament is an online tournament run through Angler’s Atlas website and their mobile app MyCatch.
  2. Anyone can participate in the 2022 Interlake February Fishing Frenzy Fishing Tournament and it is for all ages. Registration is currently only able to support individual registration. For those participants sharing a mobile device, participants must log in to their own account to submit their catches.
  3. There is a $40.00 registration fee to enter the tournament.
  4. Catches must be submitted through the MyCatch app for judging anytime during that period.
  5. In order for catches to be sent properly, you must use the same login email and password for both the Angler’s Atlas website and the MyCatch app.
  6. All contestants must register for the tournament via this URL:
  7. You will receive an automatic email confirming that you have entered the tournament and that your payment has gone through.
  8. Once accepted into the tournament, download the free MyCatch mobile app which is available for both iOS (Apple App Store) and Android (Google Play Store), and log in to activate the tournament on the app again using the same login email and password that you used to register in the tournament. (
  9. Protecting anglers’ privacy is a priority, and any location data collected during the tournament will not be released to the public. Our promise to anglers is “Secret Fishing Spots Stay Secret”. See below for further details.

Tournament Location and Times

  • Tournament boundaries are within the limits of the Polygon (Included)
  • The tournament runs from: Tuesday, Feb 1, 2022, from 6 am to Monday, Feb 28, 2022, at 12 pm
  • All catches made within the start and end times must be synchronized with the Angler’s Atlas server within the event times to qualify.
  • At the discretion of the tournament director, tournament days may be shortened, postponed, or canceled due to unsafe weather or water conditions.

Awards & Prizes

Proceeds from the tournament will be distributed as prizes in accordance with the prizing categories below. Prize payouts will be adjusted if the event does not fill to the expected number of participants.

  • First Place overall longest Northern Pike – $1500
  • Second Place overall longest Northern Pike – $1000
  • Third Place overall longest Northern Pike – $500
  • First Place overall longest Walleye – $1500
  • Second Place overall longest Walleye – $1000
  • Third Place overall longest Walleye – $500
  • First Place overall longest Yellow Perch – $1000
  • Second Place overall longest Yellow Perch – $500
  • Third Place overall longest Yellow Perch – $250
  • First Place overall longest Burbot – $1000
  • Second Place overall longest Burbot – $500
  • Third Place overall longest Burbot – $250
  • First Place overall longest Lake Whitefish – $1000
  • Second Place overall longest Lake Whitefish – $500
  • Third Place overall longest Lake Whitefish – $250
  • Greatest Diversity of fish species entered by a participant 1st Place – $1000
  • Greatest Diversity of fish species entered by a participant 2nd Place – $500
  • Greatest Diversity of fish species entered by a participant 3rd Place – $250
  • Weekly Draws – $3000 total
  1. Prize amounts are based on a full field of 500 anglers. If the tournament doesn’t fill, the payout percentages for each paid position will remain the same and will be adjusted accordingly. Prizes may be awarded through either E-transfer, cheque, or entry fee refund.
  2. A participant can only win one prize placing per species.
  3. Awards will be announced on or by Friday, March 4, 2022, after a full review of entries has been completed and anglers will be contacted directly using the contact information provided in the tournament registration process.
  4. In the case of a tie, the tie break will go to the person with the highest number of fish reported.
  5. Tournament organizers reserve the right to adjust entries.
  6. Anglers have up to 60 days to claim their prize. Anglers that do not claim their prize within this period forfeit their prize

For any further information you’ll need, you can find it on the tournament website.

Hosted by the Interlake Tourism Association

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Interlake February Fishing Frenzy team is reaching out to our community and local business in support of the Ice Fishing Tournament. We want our community to be awarded the Interlake Ice Fishing Capital and we could use your help collecting prizes! 100% of the sponsorships/prizes that we collect will be given specifically to the angler’s that sign up under the RM of St. Clements. If you wish to participate in sponsorship for the tournament, you can send a cheque directly to the RM of St. Clements by mail to Box 2 Grp 35 RR 1, East Selkirk MB, R0E 0M0.

With the help of sponsors like you, we can create an unforgettable experience and excitement by offering prizes to our Anglers, and a chance for our regional team to become “Interlake’s Ice Fishing Capital”. With uncertain times, it is the hope to bring everyone together for a fun, safe, virtual fishing tournament with tons of chances to win some fantastic prizes.

You can download the sponsorship package here, where you will find further information and the sponsorship form.