New “How To” Videos on RRPD Website

With summer around the corner, the Red River Planning District is going to be busy with hundreds of permit applications whether it be for homes, decks, fences, pools and hot tubs, the list goes on. 

The Red River Planning District has recently rolled out their new Cloudpermit which is an online system that you can use for all your permit applications. 

  • Apply online and see the status of your applications anywhere, at any time
  • Start an application and finish it later
  • Receive email updates on the status of your permit application
  • Request building inspections with results sent immediately to your email

RRPD has now released a series of “How To” videos on their website to assist with permit applications and Cloudpermit navigation. There will be plenty of more videos coming soon but in the meantime you can learn:

  • How to Make a Permit Application
  • How to Sign Off on your Permit
  • How to Upload Attachments