New – Waste Facility Tracking System

Tracking System to be Implemented for Libau Landfill and Transfer Stations for Residents

Smartphone scanning a QR codeIn your property tax bill this year you will receive two ID cards with tracking codes on them. Starting September 30, 2017, your card will be scanned whenever you go to one of the RM’s waste facilities: Libau Landfill, Grand Marais Transfer Station, Gull Lake Transfer Station, Clarke Road Transfer Station, and Dunning Road Transfer Station.

The ID cards have no fee and are for data collection only. This does not affect the current rates – you will still pay the same fees to use the waste facilities. View the current tipping fees here.

Why are we starting this system?

Tracking how residents use these waste facilities will help us become more efficient. We will better understand:

  • Who uses the facilities
  • When they use it
  • What they bring

This information will help us make these facilities better suited to the needs and habits of residents.

This will also ensure that non-residents are paying the higher fees that are applicable for them.

With the arrival of new and inexpensive technology, tracking is now within our reach by using smart phones to do the scanning and QR codes. When curbside pickup is implemented in 2018, we will be able to measure how this impacts use of waste facilities and adjust our waste services accordingly.

How will it work?

  • Every property will receive two ID cards with a tracking code with their property tax bill
  • The tracking code will be connected to your roll number
  • After September 30, 2017, when you go to Libau Landfill or a transfer station bring your ID card
  • Attendants will scan your card and record what you are bringing

When do I have to start using my ID card?

You will be required to start showing your ID card starting on Saturday, September 30, 2017.

When will you be mailing the property tax bills?

The property tax bills will be mailed out in the last week of August, with the ID cards enclosed.

Can I get my ID cards before I get my property tax bill?

No, the ID cards will not be available before the property tax bills are mailed out.

How much does it cost to implement this tracking system?

The cost to implement this program is $8,500 plus taxes.

Will this tracking system affect the fees I pay at the landfill/transfer station?

No, all the rates to use the landfill and transfer stations will stay the same.

You might not be aware that the landfill and transfer station have different resident rates for some items and that the transfer station does not accept some items that the landfill does accept. For example, a resident can take up to ten bags of garbage to the landfill for free but would have to pay $1.25 per bag at the transfer stations. This is because we must transfer the bags to Libau Landfill. Click here to see the tipping fees and what each facility accepts.

What if I am at the waste facility and I forgot my card?

After the tracking program is launched, there will be a grace period of one month where, if you forget your card, the staff will still allow you to drop off your refuse.

What if I lose my card?

Phone, email or drop by the RM office and we will make you a new one which you can pick up or we can mail.



14 comments on “New – Waste Facility Tracking System

  1. I’m curious as to what if anything is going to be done about people who find out what they have to pay at the dump and end up dumping stuff in the ditch instead? I see stuff in the ditch all around Libau area all the time if you’re going to be spending money why not address that problem

    1. Hi Paul, Thanks for your message. Dumping garbage in the ditch is not allowed in the RM of St. Clements as outlined in By-Law #4-2008 regarding “the control and removal of certain obstructions on municipal roads, parks and reserves”. You can find this By-Law on our website on the Documents page, where you scroll down and double click on the “ByLaws” icon. Those who violate the By-Law will potentially be charged for the cost of cleaning the garbage up.

  2. Keeping count and careful watch of our garbage is very important, fixing ditches cutting grass or halting zebra mussels not so important.

    1. Hi Stan, thanks for your comment. Gathering solid data on the use of transfer stations and the landfill will ultimately show us where efficiencies can happen that will better serve residents and potentially save money. Reviewing and improving solid waste management is part of our 2015-18 Strategic Plan. Drainage and cutting grass are also important services that we perform. Managing zebra mussels, also very important, is managed by the province though we support when we can, for example at Gull Lake, where the local community is working together to keep zebra mussels out of the lake.

    1. Hi Sheri.The property tax bills have not been mailed out yet. They will be mailed in the last week of August. We don’t have the ID cards yet. They will not be available before the property tax bills are mailed out.

  3. We are year round residents in Grand Marais and Pay high property taxes and get nothing on return why don’t we have garbage pickup

    1. Hi Wendy. Thanks for your question. In the survey we did last fall where we asked residents about proposed garbage and recycling pickup, the beaches area (including Grand Marais) had the lowest interest in having curbside pickup with at least 45% of respondents saying they were “very uninterested” and “somewhat uninterested”. You can view these survey results here. If, at some point, enough residents in that area expressed an interest in curbside pickup, Council would likely consider implementing it.

  4. Thanks for telling us how much this all costs, reasonable.
    I will need 3 cards as 3 people are responsible for taking the garbage out.
    Some of the garbage is transported to Winnipeg.
    My neighbor wants his grass cut Arnhold and Stead road
    Ellis and John Street…I think the lawnmower ran out of gas
    at my gate. cheers

    1. Hi Stan. You’re welcome.

      We will only be sending two cards with each property tax bill for logistical reasons, but after you receive your tax bill you can contact the RM office at 204-482-3300 to ask how to get another ID card.

      If you ever have concerns/service requests, the best thing to do is call the RM office at 204-482-3300 where staff will enter all the details in our Service Tracker software, which is tracked and monitored by the appropriate person and you will be updated on the matter.

  5. Another study Great! Governments study things to death and waste money, and nothing ever get done.
    Great drainage in the south, that’s why the ditches are full of water. Empty lots are full of weeds, because the weed control says dandelions are not a noxious weed, and only cut after the weeds have seeded and blow around the neighborhood. The Libau dump is around 50 KM from the south, not exactly a short drive for free dumping. They have been looking at a rec centre in the South for 30 years, still nothing. How about that sewer system? Never going to happen! This municipality is a joke!

    1. Hi Greg. Thanks for sharing your concerns with us. We understand your frustration. There are many challenges to living in a rural municipality that is so large and spread out, as well as to managing it.

      The RM is very concerned about flooding in the south and hired consultants in 2016 to advise us on the best way to correct it. To do the work recommended to ease overland flooding, we have asked the province to partner with us, have applied for grants and are considering borrowing money to do some of the work.

      The weeds in the area are managed by the Selkirk Weed Control District, which is a regional office. You can phone or email them with your concerns at 204-785-3638 or

      The South St. Clements Activity Centre has been talked about for awhile, but is now in the design process with the design to be completed this fall. We will consult with residents on this design to get feedback.

      The sewer system in South St. Clements had to be installed due to a public health order issued by the province. The priority area of 66 homes in the Old River Road area is operational and hooked into the existing Lockport Waste Water Treatment Plant (LWWTP). LWWTP doesn’t have the capacity to serve many more homes so we have been looking at several other options to treat the sewage (view them here).

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