Notice to Control Weeds 2018

Official Notice to Control Noxious Weeds


City of Selkirk, Town of Winnipeg Beach, R.M. of St. Andrews, R.M. of St. Clements

As indicated in the Noxious Weeds Act of Manitoba, (S.3(1)) a person must destroy or control Noxious Weeds that are on land that the person owns or occupies. All private residential, commercial, agricultural and public lands are subject to this Act.

If weeds are not destroyed or controlled as per the laws and regulations of the Act, in particular on SUBDIVIDED but not fully developed land (S.20(1)), and on certain vacant or unoccupied land (S.19(4)), the Weed Control District may enter upon the land and destroy or control the weeds without further notice. The cost of weed control will be charged to the property owner through the tax rolls (S.27(1)). The Weed Inspector will make systematic inspections and will enforce the provisions of the Act. Noxious Weeds discovered to be present on the forementioned lands after May 20, 2018 will be destroyed or controlled by mowing or application of an appropriate herbicide.

The participating Municipal tax offices reserve the right to levy a service fee in addition to the cost of weed control. Information on weed identification, methods of control and the use of herbicides is available from the Weed Control District Office.

Specific locations where Noxious Weeds are flourishing should be directed to:

Selkirk Weed Control District, 630 Sophia Street, Selkirk, MB, R1A 2K1

Phone: 204-785-3638, E-mail: