3 – Curbside Pickup Starting March, 2023 – Sign Up Date on or before February 21, 2023


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Cost:  $57.96 for January 2023 to June 2023.  July 2023 to December 2023 rates will be distributed when the new contract is approved.

Cost per month: $57.96/6 = $9.66

4 months x $9.66 = $38.64
Plus $25 administration fee
Subtotal: $63.64
plus $2.40 (3.77% online processing fee)


  • Your curbside pickup will be on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday depending on your zone

    • Please note: If your normal pickup day is falls on a statutory holiday, for January 1 and December 25 ONLY, your pickup will happen the next day (Tuesday). There is pickup on all other statutory holidays.
  • Once you opt in for service, you will be charged annually for the service on your property tax bill until the contract is over on June 31, 2023
  • Emterra (the curbside pickup contractor) will contact you to arrange delivery of your carts:
    • One 240 litre (64 gallon) grey waste cart
    • One 360 l (95 gal.) blue recycling cart to each occupied home
    • The cost of the carts is included (value $105 per cart)
    • If you need to make other arrangements for delivery, call the RM office at 204-482-3300

Annual Curbside Pickup Charge Per Home Over 5 Year Contract

2018 (1/2 year)20192020202120222023 (1/2 year)
Charge per Dwelling (include. Est. 2% inflation)$52.50$107.10$109.24$111.43$113.66$57.96

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