Proposed Curbside Pickup

Throughout 2016, we asked you how you would like to increase recycling rates and improve service levels. The survey said 67% of folks south of road 83 north would like to see curbside garbage and recycling pickup. In response to residents’ strong interest in having trash and recycling curbside pickup in the southern part of the RM, the RM of St. Clements has requested quotes for service from curbside pickup contractors.

Tenders were sent out in October with a November 15, 2017 closing date. The RM has chosen the top curbside pickup options which are manual curbside pickup and automated curbside pickup.

The RM would like residents in the proposed service area to complete a survey on which curbside pickup options they prefer. The survey is open from Thursday, November 23 until Monday, December 11, 2017. Please share with your neighbours! We would like as much public input as possible.

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*If for some reason you can’t fill out an online survey:

  • Paper surveys are available at the municipal office at 1043 Kittson Rd in East Selkirk
  • Call the office at 204-482-3300 from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm and someone can fill it out for you over the phone

Curbside Pickup Options

 Manual Curbside PickupAutomated Curbside Pickup
Cost per year$108$105
Trash pickup frequencyweeklyweekly
Recycling pickup frequencyweeklybi-weekly (every two weeks)
RM supplies containernoyes
Resident supplies containeryesno
Trash allowed per week3 bagsWhatever fits in the cart
Size of trash container3 bag limit with containers no larger than 125 litres (32 gallons)240 litre (64 gallon) grey plastic cart with 12 inch wheels
Size of recycling containerTo be decided360 litre (95 gallon) blue plastic cart with 12 inch wheels

Proposed curbside pickup area

Proposed curbside pickup area - RM of St. Clements


What is manual pickup?

With manual pickup, workers physically lift the trash and recycling containers and throw it into a truck. The containers have size and weight limits to ensure the safety of the workers. Our version of manual pickup would have a three bag limit.

What is automated pickup?

Automated pickup uses special large capacity carts that are designed to be picked up by a robotic arm on the trash or recycling truck. The size and weight limits are higher because a machine is doing the lifting, not a human.

Why does the RM want to start curbside trash and recycling pickup now?

The RM of St. Clements currently recycles about a third as much as the provincial average. In a survey last year, 67% of residents told us they want to increase recycling rates.You can view these survey results here. Curbside recycling pickup typically increases recycling rates by 30% to 50%.  You can view these survey results on our website Other reasons:

  • Recycling converts our old products into new products which saves resources and helps reduce air and water pollution. In other words, it is good for the environment.
  • Keeping recyclable outs of the landfill means the landfill fills up more slowly. Creating new capacity for garbage at the landfill is very expensive and the RM (thus taxpayers) must pay for this.
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling Support (WRARS) gives the RM a rebate based on amount of recyclables collected.
  • Reduce the amount of garbage burning homeowners do which is actually illegal and potentially releases toxic gases into the air.
  • Costs of managing waste have escalated due to increased regulation, enforcement, transportation and other demands.

What do residents in the RM of St. Clements do with their trash now?

From the survey we asked you about trash in October of 2016 (view survey results here.) some take their garbage to the Libau Landfill or a transfer station, some get private curbside pickup, some take it outside of municipality to their workplace or friend/family members’ homes, some burn it (which is illegal).

Who will be getting curbside pickup?

The general area for curbside pickup will be in the more densely populated areas of the southern part of the RM, which is what residents told us in the October 2016 trash survey. Click here to see a map of the proposed area. The exact area will be determined as planning continues.

Why are you not offering curbside pickup in Grand Marais and Gull Lake?

In the survey we did last fall where we asked residents about proposed garbage and recycling pickup, the beaches area (including Grand Marais and Gull Lake) had the lowest interest in having curbside pickup with at least 45% of respondents saying they were “very uninterested” and “somewhat uninterested”. You can view these survey results here. If, at some point, enough residents in these areas expressed an interest in curbside pickup, Council would likely consider implementing it.

When will curbside pickup begin?

We are planning for curbside pickup to begin in June of 2018.

Will you pick up yard waste?

We will not be picking up loose yard waste. Depending on the type of service we offer, you can bag it to be one of the three bags allowed with manual service or put it into your automated trash cart.

What if I don’t want curbside pickup?

Let us know if you don’t want curbside pickup. If there are enough people in a neighbourhood that don’t want it, we won’t provide the service there. If you are in a designated pickup are where the majority of people would like service, you will not be able to opt out.

If you use automated pickup and the RM gives us trash and recycling carts, who is responsible if they are lost/damaged or stolen?

If carts have a manufacturer’s defect, they are covered under warranty. Otherwise, the resident is responsible for lost or stolen carts.

The carts have RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chips in them. Will these be used to track our garbage and recycling?

No, the RFID chips will be used to identify the home the cart belongs to.

What is my cost now for garbage?

In the RM of St. Clements, there is no user charge to residents for treating their everyday household waste. There is a fee at the transfer stations but this is the cost to transport the waste to Libau Landfill, not to treat the waste. Everyday household waste treatment is paid by all residents through their taxes. This cost is about $40 per household per year.

Are you going to close any transfer stations?

There are no immediate plans to close any transfer stations. With the waste tracking system we recently implemented, we will be able to closely track the use of transfer stations after implementing curbside pickup and measure the impact of curbside pickup. From that data, we can determine whether changes could be made to transfer stations to make them more efficient.

What happens next?

If the majority of residents in the proposed service area would like curbside pickup, the RM must create a special service charge that ensures only residents receiving the service in the service area are charged.

How will I be charged for curbside pickup?

Those receiving curbside pickup will have the amount added to their property tax bills every year through something called a special service charge, which is implemented through a formal process under the Municipal Act.

How does a special service charge work?

  1. The RM determines the exact area where the service is to be implemented and how many homes are in the area.
  2. The RM determines the amount of the charge for each home. In this case, it is the cost per home charged by the service provider.
  3. The RM holds a public hearing to allow residents to voice their questions, concerns or objections to the special service charge. All residents in the service area are notified formally by mail about the public hearing and ads are run in the local newspapers.
    • If  there are no objectors or if objections are less than 2/3 of the potential taxpayers, the RM proceeds with the special service charge and adopts the plan by creating a by-law, which is known as ‘first reading of the by-law’ .
    • At this time, anyone who registered their objection with the RM is formally notified by mail that they have the right to voice their objection to the Municipal Board.
  4. The plan is sent to the Municipal Board for approval. The Municipal Board reviews the plan and considers objections and can approve, make conditions, or reject the plan and they may or may not decide to hold another public hearing.

How can I find out more information about this?

All the latest information will be on our website at We will also send out latest news by email.
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 How does St. Clements compare to other municipalities?

Municipalities across Manitoba are working to improve their waste management systems and meet new provincial requirements for how waste is managed.

St. Clements operates a landfill near Libau and four transfer stations that process household and commercial garbage and recycling. The Libau Landfill and transfer stations require major physical upgrades and operational improvements. The price of operating the transfer stations and landfill has increased dramatically due to higher hauling costs and tougher regulations and environmental requirements.

But places like Hanover, Portage La Prairie, East St. Paul and Taché are increasing recycling rates and reducing the amount of waste heading to the landfill. With a better approach, these municipalities are providing their residents with curbside garbage and recycling pick-up at similar or lower per-capita costs than St. Clements.

St. Clements is falling behind, but together we can do something about it. A new way of doing things will ensure we can meet provincial regulations, protect our environment, and ensure waste management in St. Clements is cost-effective and sustainable.

What’s the benefit to me?

Making it easier for families to reduce their waste and recycle more is an important part of how we can ensure our kids get to enjoy all that St. Clements has to offer, for years to come. That’s why Council is studying options ranging from more conveniently located recycling bins to curbside recycling and garbage pick-up.

But it’s not just about convenience. We know that burning cardboard and other trash is harmful to our personal health and our environment.

A modern solid waste management plan will decrease the amount of garbage we burn, reducing harmful toxins released into our air. And it will cut down on the amount of garbage that’s sent to our landfill, protecting our soil and waterways from contamination.

Why is it so important to act?

An effective solid waste management system is an important service every growing community needs. While many municipalities have made changes, St. Clements is slowly getting left behind. Our current system does not meet new provincial regulatory requirements, is inefficient, and inadequate for handling certain materials.

The reality is, garbage has changed. For more than 50 years, global production and consumption of plastic has been on the rise. From plastic bottles to instant coffee pods, more plastic products are finding their way into our landfill where they take up to 1,000 years to decompose and can leak pollutants into the soil and water.

That’s why the Manitoba government is focused on reducing the amount of trash being sent to Manitoba landfills and why St. Clements must take action now.

With your input, we can create the right plan for St. Clements. The right plan, with the right services, at the right cost.

What if I already use a private collector for my garbage?

Curbside garbage pickup is convenient and predictable. That’s why many St. Clements residents have opted for private curbside collection. Unfortunately, private curbside pickup contractors in the RM of St. Clements do not currently pick up recycling, only garbage. For convenience, some people throw their recyclables away with the garbage so it is going directly into the landfill.

If the RM of St. Clements implements curbside pickup, households already using private collection will likely realize significant savings.

What about composting/organics?

We heard from many residents about the success they’ve had composting at home, and helping to keep organic material out of the landfill – and we were so glad to hear it!

Organics breaking down in the landfill cause methane gas, which is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide for global warming potential. Landfills account for 20% of methane gas emissions in Canada.

Several people had suggestions for programs to encourage composting, and it’s certainly something we’d consider in the future. Click here to join the conversation in our forums, and tell us your ideas for how to improve the way we handle our trash in St. Clements.


24 comments on “Proposed Curbside Pickup

  1. the map is very hard to read, can you let me know how far south on henderson the pickup will occur. Will pickup occur on danko and old river rd?

  2. Questions:1

    1. Are we committing to the options in the November 2017 survey when we fill out the survey?

    2. If we check the box, for example, on the survey for “Pickup of bulky items once per year at a cost of $15 per year”, are we committing to take this option?

    3. Will individual households be able to select options later or will there only be a “one-size-fits-all” situation where, for example, if the majority want the compost pickup we all have to pay for it? I hope not!

    1. Hi Brian,
      The survey is to help Council learn the preference of residents. They will likely choose the service option that the majority prefers.
      For the additional options, there would have to be a strong demand for council to implement these services – if you choose an option there is no guarantee Council will go with that service option.
      It will be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Once the final service options are chosen everyone in the service area will receive those services. At this point, it would be too difficult logistically to have everyone have different options.

  3. With the Manual Curbside pickup option, there’s a 3 bag limit and it says the resident must supply the container. I assume then that a container is required and we can’t just leave the bags sitting out?

    1. Hello? Comment still is awaiting moderation. I just want to know if a container is required for the Manual option or if we can leave our garbage bags loose by the road. Due to all the critters we have in our area I assume a container will be required but I want to confirm that before taking the survey.

  4. I can’t determine if Ashfield Rd. South and west of hwy 59 is included my property is zoned agricultural restricted and I utilize private services to dispose of garbage and organic waste there is only 3 other houses on this stretch of road economically this would be an extreme waste of resources and an additional taxe burden on something that could not be utilized properly

    1. Hi Bill. Many of the properties on the border of the service area are questionable as to whether they should be in the service area or not. Once Council decides whether they will proceed with this initiative, we finalize the service area, including looking at dwelling density. Based on your description of the makeup of your road, it would likely be excluded from the service area. Also, if you and your neighbours fill out the survey and express that you don’t want pickup, you will likely be excluded from the pickup area.

  5. I reside in a high density residential complex (Rivercreek Estates – Condo Complex 6940 Henderson Hwy). Is our complex eligible for the program – bearing in mind an adjusted rate & storage containers may have to be considered?

    1. Hi Debbie, we did approach condo management and they already have commercial pickup in place. If you and your neighbours are interested in changing your service I would suggest you talk to the condo board and Public Works.

  6. If the automated service is implemented and the contractor damages the bins, will the resident still be responsible for the replacement? What would be the replacement cost of the bins and where would residents purchase them?

    1. Hi Kim, if the contractor damages the bins either the contractor or the RM will likely be responsible for replacing the bin. The replacement cost will be about $125 and the RM will have surplus carts available for residents to purchase.

  7. my driveway is over 1500 feet long. do you expect the garbage carts to withstand that journey every week? perhaps the one size fits all is not always the best answer. unless the rm will replace the carts at their cost, please explain how you think this could work for myself, and everyone else that has an extended driveway. surely you don’t expect us to transport the container on a trailer.

    1. Hi Rob, long driveways will be a challenge for some homeowners. We are looking at different options to help homeowners address this problem, including having a holder for the carts that can stay out at the road. Homeowners could then drop their garbage in the bins as they drive out of their driveway and would only have to move them a short distance on pickup day.

  8. I purchased land in the area, but do not have a home yet.

    Will i still be charged for this service, which i would not be using as there’s nothing on my property?

  9. What do we do if we have more garbage or recycling than the stated weekly limit? Can we haul it somewhere and if so, is there a fee?

    1. Hi Donna, if you have more garbage or recycling than the limits you can either wait until the next pickup or take the trash and/or recycling to a transfer station or Libau Landfill. There is no charge to drop off recycling. At the transfer stations there is a charge for garbage of $1.25/bag to take it to the landfill. There is no charge to drop off household garbage at the Libau Landfill.

  10. What do we do with special recycling items (i.e. oil cans, insecticide containers, batteries, plastic shopping bags, electronics, etc.)?

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