Public Health Orders Lifted

On April 4th the municipality received a letter from the Medical Officer of Health stating she was satisfied that action has been taken to permanently abate the unsanitary condition in the Old River Road Area. A health order had been placed on this area in 2003 as a result of numerous failing septic fields in this area.

This great news followed the January 2016 removal of the East Selkirk boil water advisory, which had been in place since 2001, following the successful completion of the East Selkirk Public water system.

The municipal efforts and investments in infrastructure has enabled the municipality to provide responsible wastewater and piped water systems in our most troubled areas.

St. Clements now has a clean bill of health!

All residents not serviced by a municipal water system should continue to undertake regular testing of their private well water supply.  In a community setting, wells are at a higher risk from an increased number of contamination sources (eg. nearby leaking on-site septic systems).