South St. Clements Recreation

Summer 2017 Update

The South St. Clements Activity Centre is now in the design process. The design is expected to be ready this fall and we will consult residents on it for their feedback.

Spring 2017 Update

It’s been more than a decade since the old Donald School recreation facility closed its doors. Members of our community have worked hard to develop a replacement for this gathering spot. Over the past few years, a recreation needs assessment  and a facility feasibility study gathered your input on what you would like to see for recreation in South St. Clements.

The project is budgeted for $3 million and to be funded with a combination of grants, fund raising and borrowing.

Municipal owned land on Donald Road has been selected as the best spot to develop a new facility. A committee of Council is reviewing all your past input and expects to have a design for a building and property development this fall.

Winter 2016-17 Update

RM of St. Clements Recreation Manager Dave Harcus, 23 volunteers from south St. Clements and a consultant are working on recreation facility recommendations for the south to present to Council.

South St. Clements Recreation Survey

Thanks to the over 300 people who completed our survey about recreation options in south St. Clements in April of 2016. Twenty-three people from south St. Clements volunteered to be on a committee to make recreations recommendations to council.

The majority of respondents were unsatisfied or very unsatisfied with the current recreation options in the RM. The vast majority (65%) of respondents wanted money invested 50% in outdoor amenities and 50% in a building. Read more in the South St. Clements Survey Report.

You can also download the raw data here.

South St. Clements Community Recreation Forum

New recreation options for South St. Clements residents have been in the works for many years. Many volunteers, RM Councilors and consultants have thought long and hard about how best to proceed. Now is the time to refresh, regroup and decide how to proceed.


South St. Clements Recreation Facility conceptual drawing
South St. Clements Recreation Facility conceptual drawing
  • 1999/2000: South St. Clements Activity Centre (SSCAC) volunteers ran recreation programs at Donald School, surveyed 1200 homes in the community about recreation needs. Details about SSCAC can be found in the South St. Clements Recreation Needs Assessment Report on pages 8-15. Download these pages.
  • 2006: Donald School becomes unusable. Residents can no longer use the facility where they run recreation programs.


About South St. Clements

South St. Clements map

  • South St. Clements has an area of about 29 square kilometres and it bounded by the Red River to the west, Lockport to the north, East St. Paul to the south and the floodway to the west with a small portion east of the floodway.
  • Population in 2011 was 3803. Using the growth rate of the RM, the projected population of the area in 2016 is 5444.
  • There are 4 centres of population: the villages of Narol and Gonor, Keaschell  Trailer Park, and the area known as Old River Road.