Spring/Summer Road Maintenance Procedures

Spring/Summer Road Maintenance Procedures

We have received several calls from residents regarding dust control application and when it will be applied.  We wanted to explain the process to our residents to ensure that everyone understands that we are aware of the dust and working to control this for everyone but there is a process that we follow which can be effected by road restrictions as well as weather.  The RM of St. Clements has over 900 km of roads and we ask that our residents remain patient as dust control will be applied as soon as we are able to apply, each road may differ depending on the prep that needs to be done to it.  Last week we began the dust control application to those roads that are already prepped and ready to receive.  We are continuing to make improvements, one example would be in the past, we had completed dust control after August long and for the past two years have finished a month earlier, in early July.

Gravel Road Grading

The shaping of gravel roads provides a relatively smooth and consistent traveling surface and provides positive drainage for the road surface by restoring the crown and crossfall, thus the proper roadway width and shoulder lines are re-established.  This treatment is also used to prepare gravel roads to receive dust control.  The treatment is normally done after the frost is entirely out of the ground and the spring weight restrictions are off which don’t typically come off until late in May.

New Traffic Gravel

New traffic Gravel is then added where needed once weight restrictions are off as per Manitoba Infrastructure, weather permitting and availability of gravel from contractor.  Then the road is graded, shaped, rolled or/and packed by traffic getting it ready for dust control.  The RM tries to get this done as quickly as possible.  Most years gravelling is going on all of June and into July.  Intense rain also affects fresh laid gravel when it has not had the chance to be rolled or packed by traffic.  The gravel that we use meets specs and is tested regularly, although after a rain the fresh gravel may turn into a slippery consistency.  Therefore we have to wait until it dries up some in order to get out with the graders to fix the road, as going out when too wet will further damage the road.

Dust Control on Gravel Roads

The RM applies dust control once a year after the gravel road has been prepared and new traffic gravel applied.  The dust control is applied to reduce dust in front of homes.  We do not apply dust control if there is no home and usually dust control is placed approximately 150 feet on either side of the home’s driveway.  If a road has high traffic or heavy truck traffic then we may apply dust control even though there are no homes to ensure safer visibility.  We try to get this done as soon as possible, likely the first week of July depending on weather and on which roads have gotten new gravel or not.  Once ready, we try to apply dust control roughly a week after the road has been gravelled/graded, depending on weather and route may be sooner or later thus the reason why some roads are done before others.