St. Clements Activity Centre & Park Site Updates

It was a busy fall at the St. Clements Activity Centre and Park site as we move towards completing a park that will benefit our community for years to come! Each step of progress made brings us excitement in hopes to be able to welcome you to the park in the Spring/Summer of 2022. We do want to remind the public going into winter that we do still have components to finish next spring therefore the park is not ready or safe for use and we kindly ask the public refrain from using the site and snowmobiling on the site.

Some items that were completed and installed this fall include:

  • play structure, swings and surrounding landscaping
  • park benches
  • heritage signs 
  • fitness circuit signs 

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided some challenges and delays for us during these last years of development but we’ve managed to keep the steam in our sails as we work towards completion. We are hoping that next year we will be able to hold a ceremony for the official opening of the park, which we will be providing more details on.

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas, we do still have a few benches left for purchase. The monetary donation for a piece of furniture is $2,000 and donors would receive a tax receipt for this donation. In turn, a name plaque with your details would be placed on the furniture item. If this sounds like something you are interested in, cheques can be made payable to ‘RM of St. Clements’ and mailed to Box 2 Grp 35 RR 1, East Selkirk R0E 0M0. We are excited to share more fundraising opportunities as they come!

We want to thank our Fundraising Committee which consists of Irene de Graaf, Megan Verleih and Debbie Cunningham. They are members of the community that have taken a passion to this project in hopes that it can become a focal point in the community. This project hits home for them as they have families and grandchildren of their own. The committee understands the importance of creating an environment that fosters the growth and wellbeing of not only children but all ages, families and organizations and that builds community spirit and growth as well as promotes the protection of the environment.

We will continue to share updates that you can always find on our dedicated webpage.

(L-R) Recreation Director Brenna Philp, Fundraising Committee members; Megan Verleih, Debbie Cunningham and Irene de Graaf, Councillor Sandra Strang