Support for Ukraine

The historic ties with Ukraine run deep in in our community, our Province and throughout our Country.

It is extremely difficult to listen and watch what is unfolding on the other side of the world.

Not only do we stand in solidarity with Ukraine and its citizens, but also with those here in our community who have connections to Ukraine.

Our thoughts, prayers and support are with you.

If you are interested in donating to help Ukraine, here are three Canadian charities that have been suggested from the Province that are supporting:

Canadian-Ukraine Foundation – general humanitarian aid
League of Ukrainian Canadians – all funds go to Friends of Ukraine Defense Forces
Red Cross Canada – to fund humanitarian efforts as a result of the conflict. Generous Canadians have already exceeded the $10-million limit for funds to be matched by the Federal Government

The Government of Manitoba has recently established a central reception centre for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Manitoba near the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport.

The reception centre will provide:

  • initial intake services to determine individual and family needs;
  • temporary accommodations and meals to individuals who have no connection to individuals in Manitoba;
  • access to co-ordinated health-care services through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and Manitoba Health; and
  • registration, brief orientation and referral services through Manitoba Start to facilitate awareness of settlement supports that link people to language training, the workforce and longer-term settlement needs

Volunteers will also be on site to help greet families as they arrive and to provide language assistance in their first languages. Any donations of goods or supplies should be made through the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Manitoba Provincial Council.

The Province has created a dedicated website which serves as a central portal to share information on our response efforts, coordinate assistance and how you can help.