Waste Facility Tracking System

Tracking System Implemented for Libau Landfill and Transfer Stations

In 2017 we implemented a tracking system at the Libau Landfill and Transfer Stations – Grand Marais, Gull Lake, Clarke and Dunning (you can view a map of landfill and transfer station locations here) to collect data as part of our efforts to improve how we manage solid waste. Two ID cards with QR tracking codes linked to roll numbers were mailed with the 2017 tax bills. Since then, we have found the information that we are able to generate from this tracking system extremely beneficial.

Gathering solid data on the use of transfer stations and the landfill will ultimately show us where efficiencies can happen that will better serve residents and potentially save money. Reviewing and improving solid waste management is part of the RM of St. Clements Strategic Plan.

At the end of July 2021 we did another round of issuing free cards to those in the RM that are primary owners of a dwelling. The ID cards do not affect the current rates – you will still pay the fees to use the waste facilities. View the *current tipping fees here.

*The RM will be introducing waste disposal fee changes as of August 1, 2021. To read more, click here.


Smartphone scanning a QR code

Can I take a picture of the card to keep on my phone to use?

Yes! We encourage those with smartphones to take a picture of your card and present it to the attendant when you visit the sites.

What if I have previous cards from the original issue in 2017?

Keep those cards, the more the merrier! You can continue to use those cards and keep these as extras. You may notice that there are different roll numbers, that is okay. When we did the reissue we sent those with multiple dwellings one set of cards.

What if there are multiple owners of a home or cabin?

Every dwelling will receive two new waste cards with this reissue. It is up to the primary owner to distribute to whoever will be using the cards at the landfill and transfer stations. As mentioned, we encourage residents to take pictures of the cards on their smartphones, this can be done with ease for multiple owners.

What happens if I lose all my cards?

If you lose your cards, you are still required to present a card at the facility. Please come down to our office and we can reissue you a replacement card for $10.00.

Why are you enforcing presentation of the cards now?

Since 2017 we have been asking residents to show their cards. By enforcing presentation of your waste card, we can ensure we charge non-residents applicably. If you are unable to produce your card as of September 1, 2021, you will be charged the non-resident rate.

What if I have purchased pre-paid cards?

Existing bag tag, pre-paid (coloured) or handed out (white) cards will be honoured as one bag value until September 1, 2022, after that all mentioned cards will no longer be accepted. We will no longer be selling these cards.