East Selkirk Water Treatment Plant Upgrades Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On August 30, 2022, Council held a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the upgrades to the East Selkirk Water Treatment Plant.

At present the East Selkirk Water Treatment Plant is providing water service for to over 675 residents, schools, and some commercial businesses. The water quality meets all standards stated in the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines. The plant was been designed to serve a future population of approximately 1,350 people, with now a long-term plan to accommodate approximately 2,760 residents. The upgrade will include a truck fill station in order to provide quality potable water to all residents.  The new design will also incorporate capacity for expansion of potable water from the East Selkirk Water Treatment Plant for residential, industrial and further commercial development to the south, including the Lockport area.  The upgrade will also provide for fire protection in the future in those areas.

The installation of membrane softening system at the Water Treatment Plant will allow residents to no longer need to use in-home softening systems.

This will have the added benefits:

  • to the East Selkirk Lagoon by reducing salts in the wastewater system,
  • reducing scaling on resident’s home fixtures and appliances as well improving the taste of the water.

The total cost of the project is estimated at approximately $5,000,000 including any contingencies.  This project is receiving a 50% Contribution from the Province of Manitoba – Manitoba Water Services Board as grant funding. We appreciate the continued support from the Province as we continue to expand on the infrastructure services to our residents.