About Sewage Disposal at RM of St. Clements Lagoons

Residents in the RM of St. Clements have many different ways to manage their sewage but the most prevalent are:

  • Piped for treatment at the Lockport Waste Water Treatment Plant of the East Selkirk Lagoon
  • Septic systems with a septic tank and disposal field
  • Holding tanks: as of 2010 all properties in a designated area along the Red River are only allowed to have holding tanks

The RM of St. Clements has three public waste water treatment facilities:

  • Lockport Waste Water Treatment Plant
    • Hooked up to about 300 homes/businesses
  • East Selkirk Wastewater Collection System and Treatment Lagoon
    • Located on CIL Road in East Selkirk. Was constructed in 2015 after undergoing a lengthy environmental impact assessment. Has capacity to treat 750 homes
  • Grand Marais Wastewater Treatment Lagoon and Constructed Wetland
    • Waste water is hauled to this lagoon located near Grand Marais. Treated effluent is discharged into Marais Creek which drains into a natural lagoon before entering Lake Winnipeg. Capacity is for 262 permanent residents, 2489 seasonal residences, including the possibility of  piped in sewage from a nearby 166 lot subdivision.

Download the Homeowner’s Manual for Onsite Wastewater Management Systems to learn many helpful tips about how to maintain your system.

  • Septage disposal is not allowed between October 15 and June 1
    • Septage is the sludge produced in individual on-site wastewater disposal systems such as septic tanks and can be divided into three parts:
      • Scum, which floats to the top and contains fats, oil and grease as well as any floating solid waste
      • Effluent, which is the semi-treated wastewater that comprises the majority of the material in the septic tank
      • Sludge, the solids which collect at the bottom of the tank and where most of the bacteria live that are involved in the anaerobic degradation processes
  • Holding tank sewage is allowed to be disposed year round
    • Sewage is household and commercial wastewater that contains human waste from systems such as holding tanks and consits of:
      • Greywater (from sinks, tubs, showers, dishwashers, and clothes washers)
      • Blackwater (the water used to flush toilets, combined with the human waste that it flushes away)
      • Soaps and detergents and toilet paper

However, as per the Wastewater Disposal Vehicle License Policy Agreement between the RM of St. Clements and the licensed Waste Haulers. The RM of St. Clements Lagoons, East Selkirk & Grand Marais, will not accept septage from Septic Tanks between October 15 and June 1st.  This requirement is stipulated by the Environment Act License which is issued to each wastewater treatment facility.  This license can be accessed on the following public registry:

Please note that Manitoba Sustainable Development has identified an unwillingness to authorize septage disposal during this period.  Should any emergency situation arise, haulers are recommended to make arrangements with a nearby facility approved to receive septage during this period.  For further interpretation regarding sewage vs septage, please contact the RM of St. Clements or Manitoba Sustainable Development