Regional Waterline – Lockport

The RM of St. Clements in partnership with the Manitoba Water Services Board (MWSB) has begun work to provide a regional waterline to the community of Lockport to provide access to the high quality groundwater supply sourced from the carbonate aquifer in East Selkirk. The East Selkirk Water Treatment Plant, originally commissioned in 2012, with upgrades commissioned in January 2023 as part of Phase 1 now uses Reverse Osmosis technology to further improve on the aesthetic quality of the water. Phase 2 of the RM of St. Clements planned water infrastructure upgrades commences in September 2023 and includes installation of a 300mm watermain from the existing regional water plant in East Selkirk south to Lockport for an estimated cost of $4.5M shared between the MWSB and RM of St. Clements. The waterline will initially service River Creek Estates and a future multifamily development in Lockport. A future Phase 3 will involve constructing a satellite water storage reservoir in Lockport to serve the residents, industry, and commercial establishments in the area to further expand the regional water system.