Curbside Pickup

The RM of St. Clements offers curbside waste and recycling pickup in the southern part of the RM. Curbside pickup is optional if you live in the service area. Click here to sign up online.

Download Curbside Pickup By-Law No.14-2018

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Curbside Pickup at a Glance

Start dateMonday, July 2, 2018
The planWeekly automated trash pickup and bi-weekly automated recycling pickup
Plan detailsThe RM will provide one 240 litre (64 gallon) grey waste cart and one 360 l (95 gal.) blue recycling cart to each occupied home. The cost of the carts is included in the yearly charge (value $105 per cart).
Service areaSouthern portion of RM including Lockport, Narol, Gonor, East Selkirk, Ashfield, West Pine Ridge, West Garson and NE 59/44
Cost$105 plus up to 2% per year to be charged on residents’ annual property tax bill in October. Only those receiving service will be charged.
Length of service agreement5 years from start date to June 30, 2023

Who is eligible for curbside pickup?

Anyone who lives in the service area.

Curbside Pickup Schedule


  • Recyclables must fit in your recyling cart
  • Recyclables can be thrown into the carts as is – no bags or sorting required.
    • The only exception is that shredded paper should be placed in a clear full-sized (77 litre) plastic bag
  • Containers should empty
  • Containers should be rinsed/cleaned

What recycling is accepted for pickup?

  • Plastic containers and packaging including bottles, jugs, tubs and pails plastic recycling symbol
    • Look for the arrow triangle
    • Leave caps and lids on
  • Steel and aluminum food and beverage cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Tetra Pak and gable top cartons
    • Juice boxes and cartons
    • Soup boxes
    • Milk cartons
  • Paper
    • Newspapers, flyers, mail, magazines, paper
      • Note: Shredded paper should be placed in a clear, full-sizes (77 litre) plastic bag
    • Cardboard boxes and cartons
    • Cardboard egg cartons and paper tubes

What recycling is NOT accepted for pickup?

  • Plastic
    • Plastics bags and cellophane
    • Plastic without and arrow triangle like toothpaste tubes
    • Plastics that are not containers like toys, laundry baskets and plastic cutlery
    • Foam packaging, foam food and beverage containers and foam egg trays
  • Metal
    • Aluminum foil products
    • Steel pots and pans
    • Scrap metal
  • Disposable coffee cups and lids
  • Glass
    • Drinking glasses, ceramics, cookware and lightbulbs
    • Mirrors, window glass, broken glass
  • Syringes or needles
  • Hazardous waste
  • Cell phones
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Batteries, including car catteries
  • Paint
  • Used motor oil
  • Electronics
  • Liquid agricultural containers
  • Tires
  • Propane tanks

Where can I recycle items NOT accepted for pickup?

The RM of St. Clements landfill and transfer stations accept free of charge:

  • Electronic waste
  • Motor oil
  • Tires with no rim
  • Auto batteries
  • Propane tanks

The RM of St. Clements landfill and transfer stations accept for a fee:

  • Regular or oversized tires on a rim

The RM of St. Clements landfill accepts for a fee:

  • Fridges, freezers, A/C, water coolers

Green Manitoba has a webpage that will tell you where you can recycle most hazardous waste:

The Manitoba government has a new website that tells you where you can recycle everything:


  • Waste must fit in your waste cart. Extra bags left beside your cart will not be picked up.  For awhile, Emterra was picking up extra bags as a courtesy but more and more people are doing it and it is adding too much time to the pickup so from now on no extra bags will be picked up. If you have extra bags, either save them for the following week, take them to the landfill or transfer station, or buy another garbage cart from the RM.

What waste is not accepted for pickup?

  • Hazardous waste
  • Cell phones
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Batteries, including car catteries
  • Paint
  • Used motor oil
  • Electronics
  • Liquid agricultural containers
  • Tires
  • Propane tanks
  • Mattress/box spring, sofa chair, sofa, loveseat
  • Fridges, freezers, A/C, water coolers

Where can I dispose of waste that is not accepted for pickup?

  • Most waste items are accepted at Libau Landfill and some are accepted at transfer stations
  • Below is a list of what items are accepted where and the fees
  • Libau Landfill and all the transfer station accept cash or cheque only
  • Interac or credit card payments are not accepted
Type of MaterialLibau Landfill Resident FeesLibau Landfill Non-Resident FeesCommercial Fees
(Libau Landfill only)
Transfer Station Resident FeesTransfer Station Non-Resident Fees
Garbage bags of daily generated waste (food)*Free$2.50 per bag
$2.50 per bag$1.25 per bag$2.50 per bag
Pick-up truck /small trailer load of garbage bags (10+)**$12.50 $25.00
$71.00/metric tonne$12.50 $25.00
Pick-up truck /small trailer load of loose or misc. garbage***$12.50 $25.00
$71.00/metric tonneNot acceptedNot accepted
One ton truck or larger load of miscellaneous garbage$43.50/metric tonne$43.50/metric tonne
$71.00/metric tonneNot acceptedNot accepted
Large trailers of miscellaneous garbage (horse)****$43.50/metric tonne$43.50/metric tonne
$71.00/metric tonneNot acceptedNot accepted
Construction/demolition/renovation†$43.50/metric tonne$43.50/metric tonne
$71.00/metric tonneNot acceptedNot accepted
Electronic recycling FreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Household recyclablesFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Used motor oil FreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Liquid agricultural containers (triple-rinsed)FreeFreeFreeNot acceptedNot accepted
Tires - no rim FreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Passenger tires- on rim$5.00$5.00$5.00$5.00$5.00
Tractor or oversize tires on rim$10.00$10.00$10.00$10.00$10.00
Clean burnables (grass, leaves, trees, branches, bales)Free$2.00$71.00/metric tonneFree$2.00
Auto batteries Free$2.00$2.00Free$2.00
Mattress/box spring or sofa chairFree$10.00 per item$10.00 per itemNot acceptedNot accepted
Sofa or loveseatFree$20.00 per item$20.00 per itemNot acceptedNot accepted
Fridges, freezers, A/C, water coolers (non decommissioned)‡$30.00$30.00$30.00Not acceptedNot accepted
Propane tanksFreeFreeFreeFreeFree


Cart Placement at Road

Curbside pickup winter cart placement tips

    • On collection day, the carts should be placed on a flat surface 3 feet from the roadway. In winter, they should be placed on the end of your driveway beyond the reach of the snow plow.
    • The front of the cart should face the road with the lids opening up away from the road. This is because operators hook the front of the cart onto the truck to help them lift and tip it.
    • Leave about three feet around the cart and between carts
    • In winter: clear snow from the area around and under where you place the cart and clear snow and ice off lids so they will open easily when emptied.
    • Carts should be removed from the road within 24 hours of collection and stored on the homeowner’s property. Carts must be stored in a way that they do not interfere with ordinary travel of vehicles or pedestrians.

My neighbour's cart is often on the road all week and it is a hazard

    • Please let us know by calling our office at 204-482-3300 or emailing us at with the address and we will contact them.

Carts and moving

  1. If you are moving to a newly constructed home in the RM of St. Clements in the curbside pickup service area and would like curbside pickup
    • Sign up online here or in-person at the municipal office at 1043 Kittson Road in East Selkirk
    • After you sign up, Public Works will be in touch to arrange delivery of the carts
  2. What do I do with the garbage and recycling carts if I move?
    • Store the carts in a safe place for the next resident to use
  3. How do I get a set of carts if I move to an existing home?
    • A set of carts would have been assigned to that address, so we recommend that you account for the condition of the carts at the time of the sale. If the carts are missing or need to be repaired, you will be responsible for the replacement of the carts.

What happens if my cart is lost or damaged?

If carts have a manufacturer’s defect, they are covered under warranty. If the carts have been placed correctly at the road and the contractor or the RM damage the carts, either the contractor or the RM will be responsible for the replacement. Otherwise, the resident is responsible for lost or stolen carts.

Tips for keeping your carts clean

You can help keep your carts clean by:

  • Rinsing food and beverage containers
  • Rinsing your cart occasionally with water from your garden hose to wash off debris (leave the lid open after rinsing to allow the cart to dry)
  • Cleaning with an environmentally friendly cleaning solution (e.g., spray with a solution of one part white vinegar, three parts warm water) to deodorize and disinfect the cart (leave the lid open after rinsing to allow the cart to dry)
  • Hiring a professional cart cleaning company

How to protect your carts from theft

      • Put your carts out by 7:00 am on your collection day, but no sooner than the night before
      • Move your carts back onto your property soon as possible after they are emptied
      • Between collections, store your carts in a safe place on your property

Cost of cart replacement parts

240 litre (64 gallon) waste cart$91.55 plus tax (includes delivery)
360 litre (95 gallon) recycling cart$98.55 plus tax (includes delivery)
Replacement lid and rod$11.00 plus tax
240 litre (64 gallon) cart wheel$6.60 plus tax
360 litre (95 gallon) cart wheel$6.60 plus tax
Axle for 240 litre (64 gallon) or 360 litre (95 gallon)$15.00 plus tax
Lift bars for 240 litre (64 gallon) or 360 litre (95 gallon)$10.00 plus tax
Delivery of parts$30
360 litre (95 gallon) recycling cartOne time rental fee of $98.55 plus tax (includes delivery)
Additional 240 litre (64 gallon) waste cartThe same as another full service charge


What is my cost for this service?

Annual Curbside Pickup Charge Per Home Over 5 Year Contract

2018 (1/2 year)20192020202120222023 (1/2 year)
Charge per Dwelling (include. Est. 2% inflation)$52.50$107.10$109.24$111.43$113.66$57.96

How will I be charged for curbside pickup?

The yearly fee will be added to your property tax bill, which is due on October 31 every year.

If you sign up during the year:

      • You will pay an adjusted amount based on the number of months of pickup service you receive AND an administrative fee of $25
      • You must pay this cost upfront
      • You can pay online here or in-person at the municipal office at 1043 Kittson Road in East Selkirk
      • You must sign up by the 21 day of the month to receive service the following month
      • The following calendar year will be added to your annual property tax bill
      • You will be charged annually for the service until the contract is over on June 31, 2023.

Why are you not offering curbside pickup in Grand Marais and Gull Lake?

In the fall 2016 survey where we asked residents about proposed garbage and recycling pickup, the beaches area (including Grand Marais and Gull Lake) had the lowest interest in having curbside pickup with at least 45% of respondents saying they were “very uninterested” and “somewhat uninterested”. You can view these survey results here. If, at some point, enough residents in these areas express an interest in curbside pickup, Council would likely consider implementing it.

Will you pickup yard waste?

Only if it fits in your garbage cart.

I saw workers dumping my garbage and my recycling into the same truck. Are they throwing my recycling into the landfill??

No. Our pickup contractor, Emterra, sometimes uses a split body truck for pickup, which is a truck split down the middle that can accept recycling on one side and garbage on the other. The garbage is taken to Libau landfill and the recycling is taken to the recycling depot in Winnipeg.

Early Statistics on Curbside Pickup

      • We started curbside with 1,547 customers – we have had 53 additional customers sign up to date, and are now at a total of 1,600 properties receiving the services
      • In the period of July to September 2017 – we collected 95.40 tonnes of recyclable materials (210,321 LBS approx. for visualization that’s 19 elephants*)
      • In the period of July to September 2018 – we have collected 140.21 tonnes of materials, (309,110. LBS approx. for visualization that’s 28 elephants)
      • From 2018 to 2017 – we have a 47% increase (all sources including T/Stations & curbside)  of 44.81 tonnes (or 98,789 LBS approx. for visualization almost 9 elephants)
      • Based on data received from Emterra – the curbside program has collected 78.58 tonnes of recyclables, and 251.31 tonnes of waste. (July to September)
      • Based on Emterra data – we can calculate that the average household throws away 69 kgs of material each month (or 152 lbs for visualization – that’s one average sized person)
      • Based on Emterra data –  the average household is recycling 23.8% of its’ waste material, and 76.2% is being sent to the Landfill.

*Asian elephants @ 11,000 lbs

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