Public Works Updates

2021 Updates

Our Public Works Department is made up of many moving parts. Keeping roads maintained and safe for residents to travel through our Municipality, ensuring drainage is constantly addressed and improved and providing utilities are just to name a few. Mayor and Council want to provide updates to our residents on a seasonal basis as to the projects that Public Works is working on.

Beaconia Well – We will be looking into options for upgrading the Artesian well in Beaconia to meet regulatory requirements.

Brushing – Brushing is mainly winter work and was worked on into the spring. It involves Public Works going out with large rotary mowers on our excavators to knock down and push back large brush/trees. This is typically done to open up a right of way.

Church Road South Project – Construction will begin for the roadwork’s of Church Road between Henderson Hwy and the railway tracks as part of the 2021 Roadwork’s Program for the RM of St. Clements. The proposed work will include pavement removal and excavation, granular road base reconstruction, minor boulevard grading, regrading of the driveways, and new asphalt pavement throughout. More information can be found here.

Ditching – Ditching is an ongoing process and is required throughout the year.  We are currently waiting on some underground locates. Anticipated plans are for Wachal, Nicholas and Rockhaven in the south. Clean up of Devil’s Creek intersection in the north is scheduled to begin shortly.

Drainage – Drainage is one of the RM’s biggest concerns and is an ongoing project.  We work hard to ensure the safety of property owner’s homes and land and take drainage very seriously.  In order to start drainage projects there are many moving parts and we must first obtain a license at a cost, survey, design and indicate any impacts all before starting the work.  Our first priority for addressing drainage issues is focusing on those that threaten properties, which we have been making good progress on these but our list is not finished.  We have a healthy list of those that would be second priority, which involves smaller issues and these are ongoing.  After this it is important to start with inspection of the area and prioritizing.  High priority determines the start which would be a survey of the area. Our survey staff see all the drainage issues so they are best to prioritize, allowing these to be adjusted if needed. Surveys are often drafted in the winter as we want to be able to survey as much as we can in the summer. 

Dust Control Program – Will be following up with the completion of the gravel program and anticipated to be completed by the end of June. This will be about four weeks earlier than any recent year, due to favourable weather and road restrictions coming off early. More details on the dust control process can be found here. We have approved a new policy (#350) where residents are able to purchase additional dust control. More details on this can be found here.

East Selkirk WTP – Water softening upgrade is underway with the tender currently out. Construction is expected to take until September 2022.

Gravel Program – Expected to be finished before the end of June, weather permitting.

Household Hazardous Waste Depot – this new, free service opened at the Libau landfill as of June 1, 2021. Offers residents a safe disposal of their residential household hazardous waste like items such as paint cans, pesticides, corrosives and more. Further information including a full listing of what can be accepted can be found here.

Illegal Garbage – Unfortunately a handful of people do not follow the rules of disposing of garbage at our Landfill and Transfer stations.  We get a number of calls regarding illegally dumped garbage which requires our Public Works to go out and collect from various locations. 

Lagoons – We will need to discharge where required which involves applicable testing and then discharging. 

Libau Landfill – Working on installing a transfer station there so residents no longer need to use the hill. This will make the operation safer and more efficient. Scheduled to be completed this year.

Litter Picking – This is ongoing at our Landfill and Transfer stations.  With various elements, there is constantly litter to be collected around these areas. 

Ludwick Road Project – Ludwick Road between Rebeck Road and Henderson Highway will have the road slopes stabilized, slightly lowered, re-graveled and hydro seeded. Completion scheduled for September 2021. More information on the project can be found here.

Roadside Mowing – Contracted roadside mowers have started the week of June 21. Anticipated completion date of the first full round of roadside mowing is by the end of June. A second cut will be completed in the fall.

Rockhaven Road Drainage Project – Construction will begin on both roadside ditches of Rockhaven Road from Hwy 44 to the railway tracks as part of the 2021 Drainage Work’s Program for the RM of St. Clements. The proposed work will include ditch excavation, some culvert replacements and reconstruction or re-grading of some driveways. More information on the project can be found here.

Signage – We receive a number of calls throughout the year from residents that notify us of missing street signs, etc.  This is an ongoing project and we replace these as required. 

Safety Procedures – All Public Works staff have completed their annual safety orientation.  Some staff members completed specific safety related training depending on duties, such as WMHIS, ladder safety and transport training.  Safety committee meetings and monthly building inspections continue to be completed.