Heritage Committee

The R.M. of St. Clements is committed to protecting its heritage resources for the benefit of future generations. The Heritage Resources Act (1986) provides authority for the municipality to designate and protect local heritage resources and to develop initiatives that will encourage, support, educate and promote the management and sustainability of historic resources in the community.

The St. Clements Heritage Advisory Committee, established on July 28, 1998, is devoted to preserving the rich and diverse heritage of our community.
As one of the most active heritage committees in the province, the St. Clements Heritage Advisory Committee is proud to boast about the numerous cutting-edge projects they have produced. These projects include:

    • Historic Website Research Project
    • Lord Selkirk School Division Historic Curriculum Enhancement (PowerPoint Presentations)
    • 125th Anniversary Historic Geocaching Tour
    • Numerous Plaques and Signage for Local Monuments
    • Oral History Compilations

Current Heritage Committee Members:

Jerry Drobot
Virginia Drobot
Fraser Stewart

Sharon Moolchan
Wendy Serger

Nancy Lovenjack
Luise Avery
Christine Stewart
Tom Serger
Lisa Danko

The St. Clements Heritage Advisory Committee is always looking for new membership. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact the municipal office at:

Phone: 204-482-3300
1-888-797-8725 (toll free)

Click here to visit the Red River North Heritage Website