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In April of 2018, Selkirk & District Community Foundation (SDCF) published Mind the Gap: Vital Signs Report 2018,  a check up on the vitality and trends in the area of the RM of St. Clements, RM of St. Andrews, Brokenhead Ojibway Nation, and Selkirk. The report examines 9 key issues and makes three action recommendations for each issue.

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What is Vital Signs?

Vital Signs is a community check-up done by community foundations all across Canada to measure the vitality of neighbourhoods and identify significant trends in areas that are critical to a smart and caring community. This research leads to ideas that move this knowledge into action. Vital Signs is coordinated nationally by Community Foundations of Canada and was developed with the help of the Toronto Foundation.

In November of 2016, SDCF began the process of community consultation and data collection that is the basis on the Vital Signs Report. SDFC found what matters most to residents is affordable housing, mental health and community safety, among nine key issues. SDFC  learned the region’s key strength is the ability to pitch in together to solve problems and make change happen.

Inclusive Community

Articles: Selkirk welcoming to those with disabilities; Reconciliation in action

Three things we can do to make a difference:

  1. Volunteer one more time, or at one new place, than we did last year
  2. Read the 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation report
  3. Ensure our workplace reflects the diversity of our community

Inclusive Community- Mind the Gap Vital Signs 2018 Report


Articles: Age-in-place housing a looming need; The state of affordable housing

Three things we can do to make a difference:

  1. Learn about the long-term value of higher-density, multi-family and affordable housing
  2. Strike a committee to develop a comprehensive regional housing strategy
  3. Identify or prepare a housing project and apply for government funding

Housing -SDCF Vital Signs Report 2018

Learning, Kids & Youth

Articles: Onashiwin gives kids a head start; What we wish we could measure: Kids ‘aging out’

Three things we can do to make a difference:

  1. Read a book every day to a pre-schooler in our lives to help them get ready for school
  2. Create more child care spaces or a new daycare in our region
  3. Increase collaboration between the school division and community groups to make good use of schools after hours

Learning, Kids & Youth- Mind the Gap Vital Signs 2018 Report

Health & Wellness

Articles: Region needs more community mental health services; Safe users, safer city: Needle exchange tackles public health problem

Three things we can do to make a difference:

  1. Ask a friend to come for a walk
  2. Wear purple on October 10 to promote World Mental Health Day
  3. Expand mental health resources for youth

Health & Wellness - Mind the Gap Vital Signs 2018 Report

Income Gap

Articles: Little progress on poverty: Marv Terhoch, chair of Manitoba Food Banks and former director of the Selkirk Food Bank, talks about poverty in the region; Students connect with culture, Indigenous grads

Three things we can do to make a difference:

  1. Donate time, talent or money to a local organization that addresses poverty
  2. Help local media better tell the complexities and success stories of poverty in our community
  3. Work together to identify gaps in programs, overlap in social services and ways to coordinate our work

Income Gap - Mind the Gap Vital Signs 2018 Report


Articles: Brokenhead wetland preserves traditional, medicines, unusual orchids; Sewers come to St. Andrews

Three things we can do to make a difference:

  1. Walk or ride a bike to one destination a week that we’d normally drive to
  2. Eat one more meatless meal a week
  3. Discover and visit a park in your community

Environment - Mind the Gap Vital Signs 2018 Report

Older Adults and Aging

Articles: Seniors’ centre evolving; Accessibility checklist makes local businesses age-friendly

Three things we can do to make a difference:

  1. Take an older adult out for dinner
  2. Welcome an experienced, knowledgeable older adult back to work
  3. Speak to our elected officials about the need for more personal care beds in our region

Older Adults and Aging - Mind the Gap Vital Signs 2018 Report

Arts, Culture, Recreation & Tourism

Articles: A river runs through us; The Comp’s performing arts program a hit

Three things we can do to make a difference:

  1. Go to one new art show, festival, historic site or music event in our region and invite a friend
  2. Volunteer to help maintain or repair a local historic site
  3. Explore the idea of creating a centre that celebrates our diversity and culture

Arts, Culture, Recreation & Tourism - Mind the Gap Vital Signs 2018

Safety & Security

Articles: Bear Clan combats crime, promotes reconciliation; Tackling the root causes of crime: Dave Thorne, former RCMP Inspector in charge of the Selkirk Detachment and now the City of Selkirk’s Director of Protective Swrvices, answers our questions

Three things we can do to make a difference:

  1. Throw a block party to get to know our neighbours
  2. Keep our vacations off social media and ask someone to watch our house
  3. Join a local crime prevention group

Safety & Security - Mind the Gap Vital Signs 2018 Report