Planning Hearings

Planning hearings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm in the RM of St. Clements Council Chambers, 1043 Kittson Rd., East Selkirk.

A public planning hearing is designed to provide public input prior to elected officials making a decision on planning applications, as outlined in The Planning Act.

Do you have questions about planning hearings? Visit our Planning Hearing FAQ page to learn everything you need to know.

For September 28, 2021 Planning Hearings 




Public Hearing Notice – Amended – S21-2887

What is S21-2887 (AMENDED) about?

To subdivide existing subject property to create four (4) new lots in the “AR” Agricultural Restricted zone ranging from ~4.000 acres to ~16.462 acres in site area. This application has been amended to create four (4) proposed lots.

Public Hearing Notice – S21-2910

What is S21-2910 about?

To subdivide the existing subject property to create eight (8) new lots in the “AR” Agricultural Restricted Zone ranging from ~2.000 acres to ~2.062 acres. In addition, a new road extending off of Ludwick Rd. is proposed.

Variation Orders

Public Hearing Notice – VO 76-2021

What is VO 76 -2021 about?

This variance application for the subject property is to allow the following: 

  1. Reduce the required south side yard from 10 ft. (min.) to 1 ft. (min.) for an existing ~256 sq. ft. accessory building.
  2. Reduce the permitted building separation from 10 ft. (min.) clear of all projections to 3 ft. – 9 in. (min.) for an existing ~256 sq. ft. accessory building and home.
  3. Increase the permitted number of accessory buildings from 2 (max.) to 6 (max.) on the subject property. 

Public Hearing Notice – VO 93-2021

What is VO 93, 2021 about?

This variance application is to reduce the required 100 ft. (min.) site width to 90 ft. (min.) for Proposed Lot 1 and Proposed Lot 8 within “RA” Suburban Residential Zone. The requested variance are part of the conditions within conditionally approved Subdivision Application S20-2869.

Conditional Uses

Public Hearing Notice – CU 21-2021

What is CU 21-2021 about?

This conditional use application is to allow a “Contractor’s Establishment” use (general construction contractor) on the subject properties in the “AR” Agricultural Restricted Zone. This application has been revised to include the property at 146 Hay Road as part of the use.

Zoning By-Law


Combined Zoning and Subdivision


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Planning Public Hearing Registration

This form is to use for residents to register online for Planning Public Hearings that will be streamed online.
  • Ex. VO 1-2021
  • Please include detailed comments and information giving the reason of your position on the proposed planning item. This will be used as backup for us to read in the event that we have technical difficulties during the streamed meeting.