Planning Hearings

Planning hearings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm in the RM of St. Clements Council Chambers, 1043 Kittson Rd., East Selkirk.

A public planning hearing is designed to provide public input prior to elected officials making a decision on planning applications, as outlined in The Planning Act.

Do you have questions about planning hearings? Visit our Planning Hearing FAQ page to learn everything you need to know.

For May 22, 2018 Planning Hearing



Public Hearing Subdivision S18-2775

What is Subdivision Application S18-2775 about?

To subdivide existing lots to create 19 new lots (including residual lot) as follows:

  • Proposed Lots 1 = ~2.461 acres.
  • Proposed Lot 2 to 18 = ~2.000 to 2.007 acres.
  • Proposed Lot 19 (residual lot) = ~16.966 acres.

In addition, a new road extending off of Ludwick Road is proposed.

Variation Orders

Public Hearing VO 37, 2018

What is VO 37, 2018 about?

This variance application is to allow a maximum site coverage of ~11.10% for the main structure in the “RR” Rural Residential Zone from the required 10% (maximum).

Public Hearing VO 38 & 39, 2018

What is VO 38 & 39, 2018 about?

These variance applications are to allow minimum site area variances of ~1.27 acres each for proposed lots 2 & 3, as a condition for the conditionally approved Subdivision Application S16-2659.

Public Hearing VO 41, 2018

What is VO 41, 2018 about?

This variance application is to allow a front yard setback of 10 feet (min.) from the required 30 feet (min.) for an accessory structure in the “SR” Seasonal Residential Zone.

Conditional Uses

Public Hearing CU 8, 2018

What is CU 8, 2018 about?

This application seeks to allow an additional 13 staff dwellings and an expansion to the existing education facility in the “A80” Agricultural General Zone to allow a total of 34 dwellings and a private school on the subject property.

Public Hearing CU 10-2018

What is CU 10, 2018 about?

This application seeks to allow a “Special Event” in the “CH” Highway Commercial Zone for a Customer Appreciation Festival to occur annually over two days during a weekend in summer with this year’s event to be July 13 & 14, 2018.

Combined Zoning and Subdivision