National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

The Rural Municipality of St. Clements will be closing our Municipal Office, Landfill & Transfer Stations in recognition of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The municipal office will be closed on the subsequent Monday after September 30th.

The landfill and transfer stations will be closed on September 30th, and transfer stations will be open on October 2nd.

We encourage our employees and residents to use this time to educate themselves about Indigenous history, cultures, and the ongoing challenges that Indigenous peoples face. By doing so, we can contribute to the broader effort of creating a more inclusive and equitable Canada. Thank you for your understanding and support as we take this important step toward reconciliation.

We look forward to resuming our regular business hours on October 3rd and hope that you will join us in honoring the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. Together, we can work towards a brighter, more inclusive future for all Canadians.

*In case of an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.