Important Curbside Waste & Recycling Collection Reminders

For those enrolled in our Curbside Garbage and Recycling Collection, please be advised of the following reminders.

• Lids to the waste and recycling carts must be closed and not overflowing
• Anything outside of the carts will not be picked up
• If lid does not close, please re-arrange what is in your cart so that it will close. If lid is open a little it will not be picked up
• Emterra has been lenient with the overfilling of the carts. However, will now be enforcing that cart lids do need to be closed

The reason for these reminders is that the Automated truck cannot tip the carts if the lids are left out open as there is a potential of damaging the lid and material blowing out. For more information on curbside pickup and cart placement, please visit our page


New Addition of Automatic Side Truck to Emterra Fleet and FAQs

For those residents enrolled in our Curbside Garbage and Recycling pickup, Emterra will be introducing a new automatic side truck to their fleet for curbside collection. Below is a similar picture of the new truck that you may see out in the neighbourhood (the one that will be seen in our RM is all white currently and no green).

Emterra will still be using their other trucks as well as this one. We wanted to point out that the Automatic Side Truck is not a split body truck and will collect one stream at a time, meaning when using this truck, refuse would be picked up and then they would come back for recycling.

Collection will remain the same but you are asked to not have your carts too close together and to preferably have 1 cart placed on either side of the driveway.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should you place your recycling cart for collection?

  1. Place your cart – with the back wheels towards the fence or property, close lid
  2. Point your cart – the cart lid opens towards the centre of the road or lane

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  1. Space your cart – leave on arm’s length clearance (one meter or 39 inches) on all sides of each cart or better yet you can place your carts at the end of your driveway with one on each side, this allows the collection truck enough room to grab your cart.
  2. Look up – avoid placing your cart under hydro or telephone wires, basketball hoops, awnings and tree limbs.
  3. In Winter – clear snow away from the area around and under where you place your cart.  Do not place carts behind or on top of snowbanks; clear snow and ice off lids so they will open easily when emptied.

At what time do your carts need to be out by?

Your garbage and/or recycling carts should be out by 7:00 am on your designated pickup day.

When does Emterra pick up the garbage and recycling?

Emterra has between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:00 pm on the designated pickup day to collect your garbage and/or recycling.  It is important to keep in mind that your waste and recycling may not always be picked up at the same time each week as there are a variety of situations that may occur and result in your waste and recycling being picked up at different times, this is why it is best to make sure your carts are out by 7:00 am.

What if my garbage and/or recycling is not picked up by 7:00 pm on my designated pickup day?

If your waste and recycling is not picked up by 7:00 pm on your designated pickup day, please call or email our office (whether it is after hours and we would then receive it the next day or early the next day) and we can then check into the details as to what happened.  It is also important to make sure that only the accepted recycling and garbage items are going into your bins.

What is accepted in my garbage and recycling cart?

You can find a full list of accepted items by visiting our website page dedicated to curbside pickup at