Henderson Sewer Connection Update

May 30, 2023, Construction begins for the Low Pressure Sewer Services along the Henderson Catchment Area!

Construction crews have mobilized and began installing low pressure sewer services to all properties who have registered for connection either by paying cash or participating through the Local Improvement District. Work is progressing from the southern portion of the eligible area northward. Property owners on municipal roadways will be contacted by Southwood Ventures directly as construction approaches their areas to discuss locations for the curbstops along the frontage of their property. Property owners along Henderson Highway have already had locations for their curbstops identified earlier this year to allow for permitting with Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure as Henderson Highway is a provincial right of way.

Once a service and curbstop are provided to a property the system is ready for private hookup and use. Homeowners are responsible for connecting their private system to the municipally provided curbstop. Before work on private property is backfilled, an inspection of the connection must be arranged with the RM office by calling 204-482-3300 with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. Once an inspection and sign off are completed, the sewer service will be activated and the quarterly utility billings will begin.

There is still some available capacity for additional low pressure sewer services in the Henderson Catchment Area. Anyone not already registered but interested in connecting at this time would be responsible for the 2023 connection fees and buy in rates as set out by by-law in the amount of $14,588. We can be reached by calling our office at 204-482-3300 or by emailing info@rmofstclements.com.

More information on the progression of the project as well as answers to frequently asked questions are available here.