Municipal Election 2022 Results

Statement of Official Results for the Rural Municipality of St. Clements 2022 Municipal Election

In by acclamation Mayor – Debbie Fiebelkorn

In by acclamation Councillor, Ward 1 – Scott Spicer

In by acclamation Councillor, Ward 1 – Sandra Strang

In by acclamation Councillor, Ward 1 – Glen Basarowich

The following ballots were received and the vote for Councillor, Ward 2 stands at:

SUTHERLAND, David – 726 votes

NEPLYK, Terrence – 422 votes

BELANGER, Robert – 626 votes

PIKTA, Maria – 497 votes

LEVIN, Cheryl – 395 votes

HORBAS, David – 600 votes

16 ballot papers were declined, rejected, spoiled, or taken from the voting station

David Sutherland, Robert Belanger, and David Horbas have been elected as Councillors, Ward 2

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