New Angling Regulations Take Effect April 1, 2023 – Province of Manitoba

Manitobans and visitors will be able to enjoy year-round fishing opportunities for certain species across the province starting April 1, Natural Resources and Northern Development Minister Greg Nesbitt announced today.

“As new regulations come into effect, anglers will be able to experience a whole new fishing adventure,” said Nesbitt. “It’s exciting to be able to catch species such as northern pike and smallmouth bass during a time that has traditionally been closed. The Manitoba government encourages everyone to explore the province’s world-class fisheries.”

Walleye fishing will be closed starting April 3 this season. The walleye fishing season opens in the Southern fishing division on May 13, except on Lake Winnipeg, which opens one week later on May 20, and in the Northwest and North Central fishing divisions, which will also open May 20. Anglers must not target species during closed times.

Some areas will be closed to all fishing this spring to protect spawning stocks including the Red River between Lockport Dam and Lake Winnipeg, Dauphin Lake and its tributaries, excluding the Vermilion Reservoir, and the Assiniboine River downstream of the Portage Diversion to Provincial Road 240.

New angling licences can be purchased online and at participating vendors starting April 1. Annual licences will be valid starting May 1 and new one-day angling licences will be valid for chosen dates. Fee changes will align with new licence types.

Anglers will now be able to carry angling licences on an electronic device or as a printed copy and must be able to show proof of licensing upon request. All anglers are required to obtain a Manitoba angling licence to fish in the province, unless exempt or fishing within a federal park.

Manitoba seniors, active military members and veterans who reside in Manitoba do not require an angling licence to fish, but must show proof of age, residency and identification.

For more information on fishing regulations refer to the 2023 Manitoba Anglers’ Guide, available online at or in stores where angling licences are sold.

For more information or to purchase an angling licence, visit: