Snow Clearing Reminder

❄️ So much snow! ❄️

You’re probably outside clearing your driveway thinking, where am I going to put all this snow!?

First, please do not push snow onto the roadways. By-Law 4-2008 that states snow cannot be deposited onto RM roads, ditches or boulevards. This is in place for several reasons:

• Safety – if this snow gets hard and icy it can be jarring for the plow and the operator which are travelling at brisk speeds and can also be dangerous for other vehicles

• Road conditions – this snow can leave ridges on the road which make it bumpy for vehicles that drive over them

• Proper road clearing – snow left on the roadway accumulates drifts at an even quicker rate and makes it difficult for our operators to properly clean roadways

Proper practice is to pile the snow onto your own property.

Having said that, The Municipality will be enforcing By-Law 4-2008. Any person that is found to have pushed snow across the road or into the ditch or on the boulevard will receive a violation notice which may include a fine. If the snow is not removed as per the violation notice, the Municipality will remove the snow and the property owner will receive a bill and that bill will be collected in the same manner as property taxes.