Provincial Offences Act, Traffic Regulations By-Law and Speed Limit By-Law

A brief overview

In 2011, the Department of Justice began working with a group of stakeholders and members of different municipalities to determine the challenges R.M.’s were having with enforcing By-Laws. In 2013, it was determined that a complete overhaul of the Summary Convictions Act was needed.

In 2017, the Department of Justice officially passed the Provincial Offences Act. A main factor for moving in this direction was to assist municipalities with the prosecution and enforcement of their By-laws.

This has provided Municipalities an opportunity to provide effective and fair enforcement procedures with set standards to allow each municipality to operate with its own autonomy. The Provincial Offences Act gives the municipality authority to issue provincial tickets. As a main priority, our Municipality is focused on our residents and being able to efficiently help them. We will be reviewing our By-Laws and will be continuing to update and re-draft as necessary to provide fair and efficient service.

Provincial Offences Act By-Law 4-2021

The POA replaced the Summary Convictions Act and will provide the Municipality ability to enforce Provincial Acts, Regulations and contraventions of municipal By-Laws.

The RM has followed the Provincial guidelines which includes creating a schedule for preset fines while creating the POA and has included the following By-laws to be included and implemented. Those By-laws are; Prevention of Fires 5-2012 , Behavioral By-Law 15-2016 , Traffic Regulations By-Law 6-2021 .

What does this mean for the RM? This means the RM will be able to enforce and issue a Provincial Offences Ticket for the listed offences in the POA By-Law.

Our main goal and vision for current times and the future will always be to do our best to educate and provide as much information as possible regarding By-laws. The POA will help us deal with the more difficult situations that we do face from time to time.

Download the Provincial Offences Act By-Law 4-2021

Traffic Regulations By-Law 6-2021

This By-Law will allow the Municipality to enforce traffic infractions on municipal roads. A few examples are: persons driving on a non truck route or failure to stop at a stop sign.

Download the Traffic Regulations By-Law 6-2021

Speed Zone By-Law 5-2021

In June of 2018, the Manitoba Government passed the Traffic and Transportation Modernization Act, which amends The Highway Traffic Act and dissolves the Highway Traffic Board, along with the board’s authority to set speed limits on roadways throughout the Province. The Traffic and Transportation Modernization Act came into force March 1st, 2019 and now requires Municipalities to create a by-law setting speed limits on their roadways in accordance with government regulations.

How does this affect our residents? This will allow residents to voice their opinion and be heard directly at the RM level. There will be a policy coming soon with those details.

Download the Speed Zone By-Law 5-2021

How you can provide input

Please send your questions or comments by email to or by mail to Box 2 Grp 35 RR1, East Selkirk, MB R0E 0M0. You can also contact the municipal office at 204-482-3300 for further information.

Council will conduct 1st reading for the Provincial Offences Act By-Law 4-2021 as well as the Traffic By-Law 6-2021 on March 9th, 2021 and will hold a public hearing on March 30, 2021 for both by-laws. 

Council will also conduct 1st reading for the Speed Zone By-law on March 9th, 2021 and will hold a Public hearing on April 13th, 2021.

We request your feedback before April 13th, 2021 so that we can consider it before the by-laws receive second reading.

Frequently asked questions

How will the new by-laws impact residents who make a complaint?

It won’t, residents will still follow the same procedures which includes contacting the RM office by phone at 204-482-3300 or by email at

Does this mean I will automatically receive a ticket rather than a warning?

Every issue is different and our Officers will continue to use their discretion when dealing with an offence.

What are the fines? And what does the breakdown look like?

The fine amount is broken down into categories. We have followed provincial guidelines while creating this chart. Please refer to Schedule B of the Provincial Offences Act By-Law 4-2021 .

Who enforces Speed limits?

The legislation allows the Municipality to enforce speed on their own roads and as per the traffic act, the RCMP are allowed to enforce on all roads including RM roads.

Will there be signs put up?

Yes, the RM will work on ensuring signs be replaced with correct speed.