Grand Marais Unsightly Property Clean up

June 26, 2019

Download By-Law 11-2012 Unsightly and Unsafe Property

The RM of St. Clements is taking the first steps this year towards revitalizing Grand Marais by ensuring derelict properties are cleaned up.

Derelict yard

The RM’s Bylaw Enforcement Officer Tyler Freeman has had many complaints already this year about unsightly properties full of overgrown weeds, abandoned buildings, old vehicles and garbage sprinkled throughout the village of Grand Marais.

Based on feedback from a public consultation last summer, Grand Marais residents would like this to change.

Residents said they want a vibrant community with more businesses and restaurants, better by-law enforcement and an enhanced streetscape and waterfront. Council heard the residents and this year’s by-law enforcement on derelict property is Council’s first step at addressing the concerns expressed by Grand Marais residents and moving towards a revitalized Grand Marais.

Revitalizing Grand Marais is also aligned with some goals of Council’s new Strategic Plan: encouraging targeted, sustainable growth in Grand Marais and promoting interest in the municipality as a recreation destination.

Process to deal with derelict properties

  1. Tyler tries to connect personally with owners so he can work with them to correct the problem
    • Tyler tries to reach the property owner by phone and email
    • If that doesn’t work, he tries to see if he can connect with the owner at their property
  2. If that doesn’t work, he will send a formal letter saying the property owner is in violation of Bylaw 11-2012 for “Unsightly and Unsafe Properties”
  3. If the property owner refuses to clean up, they will be fined. Uncollected fines will be added to property tax bills.